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Ronan is an Indianapolis-based director, playwright, producer and musician. He is the founder and Artistic Director of Storefront Theatre of Indianapolis, a new professional theatre company focused on new work by underrepresented playwrights. Formerly he was the co-founder and Co-Artistic Director of Signal Ensemble Theatre of Chicago. Directing credits with Signal include THE CONSULTANT by Heidi Schreck, DEVIL'S DAY OFF by Jon Steinhagen, THE NEXT THING, THIS IS WAR by Hannah Moscovitch, LASCIVIOUS SOMETHING by Sheila Callaghan, SUCCESSORS by Jon Steinhagen, HOSTAGE SONG by Clay McLeod Chapman and Kyle Jarrow, EAST OF BERLIN and THE RUSSIAN PLAY by Hannah Moscovitch, ACES by Jon Steinhagen, AFTERMATH, THE BALLAD OF THE SAD CAFE, 1776 (Jeff Award - Best Production, Musical, Jeff Nomination - Best Director), SEASCAPE, WAITING FOR GODOT, LANDSLIDE (two Jeff Award nominations), MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING, LEARNING TO FLY and more. He has also directed for Collaboraction, Fox Valley Repertory, Chicago Dramatists, the side project and New Leaf Theatre.

Playwriting credits with Signal include the book for THE NEXT THING (Jeff Nomination - New Work; music and lyrics by Jon Steinhagen), MOTION, AFTERMATH, LANDSLIDE (Jeff Nomination - New Work) and LEARNING TO FLY. He has also written THE MARS ASSIGNMENT and MODEL #736 for Collaboraction. Ronan's plays have been produced or workshopped in Chicago, NYC, LA and Cleveland. He is a 2012 finalist for the Woodward/Newman Drama Award (Motion) and recipient of the 2006 Illinois Arts Council Finalist Award in Scriptworks (Landslide). New City named him one of the "Fifty People Who Really Perform in Chicago" in 2012.  Please e-mail him at ronan@storefrontindy.com and learn more about Storefront at www.storefrontindy.com.

ee-time Joseph Jefferson Award nominee, an Illinois Arts Council Award recipient, and a  Woodward/Newman Award finalist that has directed and/or written forty-plus shows in Chicago, New York, Cleveland, Birmingham and Indianapolis.

Ronan is also a producer and longtime musician. 


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